Veteran U.S. Army

BS Chemistry
Wheaton College,
Wheaton, IL

MA Biblical Education
Columbia International University,
Biblical Seminary,
Columbia, SC

MEd in Secondary Science Education
University of Hawaii,
Honolulu, HI

Graduate Study in Linguistics
University of North Dakota,
Summer Institute of Linguistics,
Grand Forks, ND

Graduate Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies,
Jerusalem University College,
Institute of Holy Land Studies,
Jerusalem, Israel


Roger was born in Michigan, lived in many states in the USA as the family moved around, finally settling in Wheaton, IL for high school and college. Roger has used these degrees and other training by teaching chemistry and coaching track and cross-country at Bryan College, Dayton, TN; teaching chemistry and other subjects a few years at Faith Academy, Manila, Philippines and a year at Brent School, Baguio City, Philippines. However, most of his adult life and most of his 60 years in the Philippines were spent teaching Bible and mentoring many persons among the tribal peoples in the northern mountain region of Luzon, RP. These tribal peoples, with different languages and customs, became known by the acronym BIBAK, which stands for the Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao, and Kalinga areas of Luzon. Roger and family were sponsored in the Philippines by SEND International, Farmington, MI. Since 1992, Menorah Ministries has provided additional opportunities for us. Invitations are always welcome from any part of the world and will be carefully considered.

Basic goals for his time in the Philippines were to mentor enough individuals with Bible knowledge and experience so that they could replace him and his pioneering work would continue. Mid-1990 seemed to be the point when this was reached. Repeat visits since then have confirmed this.

During these years several trips have been made to Israel to gain more information on backgrounds of the Bible, to learn more of Israeli/Jewish culture and religious practice, and to experience life as they have to live it in a difficult area of the world. This included the Intifada and the Gulf War while living in Jerusalem and Caesarea, 1990-91. Many Israeli friends are visited also! Some became friends while in the Philippines, some while in the USA, and others in Israel itself. We have been to ISRAEL a dozen times!!!

After teaching Bible in other countries of the Far East to people interested in the Hebraic-Jewish Roots of Bible Faith and Practice, in 2002 Roger pioneered the formation of ASIA PACIFIC MESSIANIC FELLOWSHIP. The emphasis was to provide an Annual Bible Conference for Believers in the region to get together for mutual encouragement and learning from expert Jewish Bible teachers who are also Believers in Yeshua The Messiah. Baguio City in the Philippines has proven to be a rather central location and reasonably priced place for the Annual Conferences. Smaller Conferences and Seminars in various other places in the region are also conducted by Roger between Annual Conferences.

In 2005, Roger incorporated Asia Pacific Messianic Fellowship, Inc. as a Florida non-profit Religious Educational Corporation. The US Internal Revenue Service granted 501.c.3 status immediately, so that APMFInc can now receive contributions and issue tax-deductible receipts. This move was necessary because of increasing expenditures for this expanding ministry of teaching Bible Truth in the context of the People of Israel and the time in which it was written..

Roger is now "retired" and enjoying sharing his knowledge and experience with groups in various countries of the world and parts of the USA. Home-base is in Florida where he lives with Naomi, his wife of 65 years, and son Ron, a computer expert formerly with Bell Labs, AT&T. First-born son Ray, wife Carolyn, grandsons Joshua and Benjamin, went to be with their LORD on March 22, 1998 as the result of a fiery plane crash in the Bahamas. Ray established Walkwitz Aviation, Inc. in 1988 and soon had a world-wide reputation for excellence in flight training. However, the borrowed Beechcraft Baron was not in the best of condition and apparently lost an engine on takeoff. Son Randy, wife Janie, grandsons Jake and Samuel, now live in Atlanta, Ga. Randy is in banking.